Brownie Brittle

I had the pleasure of meeting Sheila G., the creator of Brownie Brittle at the Fancy Food Show in June.  Sheila is as sweet as the Brownie Brittle she created.  Brownie Brittle was created to replicate the crispy edges of your favorite brownie recipe.  We were able to sample the dark chocolate with sea salt, the gluten free chocolate chip as well as the original chocolate chip.  The gluten free had the same chocolate flavor and texture as the original.  If you weren’t told it was gluten free, it would be hard to tell the difference.  This is the perfect way for those who are avoiding gluten to enjoy this delicious treat.  My only warning is that once you start the bag of any of these flavors, you may not be able to stop eating this addictive snack.

Matcha Green Tea (Uji Maccha Kitto Katto) KitKat


Match Green Tea (Uji Maccha Kitto Katto) KitKat

This flavor seems to be one of the more popular flavors, although it was my least favorite.  I guess if you like green tea, this will appeal to you. The wafer is coated in white chocolate which is flavored with matcha green tea. This just felt like a weird combination – green tea and chocolate.  Let us know your thoughts!

Sakura Nihonshu KitKat


Sakura Nihonshu KitKat

Apparently, this flavor was introduced during the spring cherry blossom season.  Sake powder is added to the wafer part surrounded by white chocolate infused with sakura.  You can taste the alcohol kick in the first bite, yet it relaxes as you finish the rest.  This is my third favorite of the four flavors I am reviewing.  I actually prefer the good old fashioned regular kitkat to all of these, but its nice to try for something different, especially if you like sake.

Mini Hokkaido (Melon) KitKat

Mini Hokkaido (Melon) KitKat

This is my favorite of the 4 KitKat flavors from Japan which I tried. The sweet subtle  melon taste of the wafers coated in white chocolate was most appealing to me. It is a unique flavor that was tastefully done.

Wa-Ichigo (Strawberry) Kit Kat

The crispy wafer is covered in white chocolate with a subtle taste of strawberry.  This is a pretty straight forward flavor with the taste of fruit. The white chocolate covering is colored a light pink. If you like strawberry flavored candy, then you will like this. But, if you like the taste of chocolate, stick with the original. This was my second favorite of Kit Kats from Japan (after the melon flavor (which will be posted tomorrow)). Check back tomorrow for reviews of other Kit Kat flavors!

Skinny Pop Popcorn


I love these individual bags of Skinny Pop.  They are perfectly portioned at 100 calories per bag. These are also gluten free for those who have to avoid gluten.  This popcorn is the perfect combination of crunch, salt and flavor.  Other popcorn tends to be too salty, while this adds the perfect amount to ensure its delicious flavor.

Halo Top Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream

This is by far the best flavor of Halo Top.  Once you take it out of the freezer, let it thaw a little bit.  Halo Top tends to have a different consistency than other ice cream when it is frozen. But as it thaws, it’s just as creamy as other ice cream.  The ripples of peanut butter add to the delicious flavor.  The entire pint is 320 calories so if you indulge in one sitting, you may do so guilt free!